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"I'd like to give a special thanks to Liz Cowen Furman. Liz demonstrated extreme passion to the things of God and encouraged in ways that I can't even describe. Her love, laughter, smile, joy and kindness shined greatly during the teaching of “Writing from the Heart”. I enjoyed how God used her personality to speak to the uniqueness He has placed in each one of us. I didn't want the session to end as her every word appeared to glorify Jesus. I left her class believing that God will absolutely work through my personality as I continue to diligently seek Him through prayer."
Charity Douglas, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Schedule Liz to Speak to your Women's Group, Teach at your Conference or Visit Your School.

Speaker Topics (Women's Events & MOPs) Real situations handled by a real LIVE God. Schedule Liz to speak at your women's retreat or MOPs group and be encouraged. No pat answers here, just entertaining examples of God's presence in a life in serious need of grace; Liz's (and yours). Check out Liz's women's topics. See Liz's fee schedule for speaking engagements.

School Visits

Liz is a teacher who loves to share her
experiences writing and illustrating with students of all ages. Lots of pictures and examples are always a part of her arsenal.

Conference Classes

Liz teaches at the Someone Cares Christian Caregiver Conference and in 2009 (LORD willing) the Colorado Christian Writer's Conference. Her goal at conferences is to point to the One who has the POWER to handle anything we can throw at Him.

Caregiver Conference Topics

The Stages of Grief: What to Expect.

Everyone grieves differently, though there are similarities. By sharing examples, Liz gets the point across and keeps the listeners engaged. If you have a desire to help others overcome their pain and move on, or if the pain is yours and you long to learn to deal with this tough topic in a manner that provides hope, healing, and encouragement, then this is the class for you. Maybe you are anticipating the loss of someone dear to you, if so come and learn what to expect after the loss of a loved one. Many helpful reading selections are shared and several of the books recommended will be present for conferees to peruse to see which ones appeal to them. Lots of encouragement from scripture for this topic.

Keep Your Sense of Humor and Avoid Losing Your Mind.

Many examples and encouragement to keep the conversation lively. Find ways to look at your situation though fresh eyes and see the humor in the mundane. Caretaking can be a grueling task, here is a chance to look at the light side of dark, and learn to not take things so seriously. A sense of humor can help save your sanity and make you into an even better caregiver. Scriptural basis for laughter and humor will be offered. Here is a chance to kick back, laugh and take a load off your mind for awhile.

Writing Conference Topics

Answering God's Call to Write How do you know you're called to write? Why are you here? What has He called you to write and for what purpose? Discerning your call from the Savior and encouragement to follow Him wherever He leads.

Finding Your Voice Making your unique voice work for you in your writing. Developing the voice God has given you. Cautions and encouragements for developing a strong voice. One that shouts to the LORD for all to hear.

Waiting on the LORD Tips for what to do when God has you on hold. Encouragement for those quiet times when it appears He isn't moving. What does scripture say about waiting on the LORD and listening to Him?

Writing from Your Heart How to be real in your writing and write from your strengths, while letting the authentic you shine through. No frozen chosens allowed, we can't expect to reach anyone if we poise ourselves a notch above. Be sure you are not portraying your life as a perfect believer's life, because there only ever was One perfect believer and it is not me (and not you).

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize Encouragement from God's Word for persevering, writing, and running the race to the finish. Tools to help you stay in the contest and stay focused on the thing that matters most, our relationship with Christ.

Choosing a Title that Sells A workshop to help you write the title that will get you in the door. Hands on with your book idea. The publisher will probably change the title anyway, but you need a dynamite title to get them to consider your work.

All in Due Time-His time-God has everything under control. Comfort for placing your career in His capable hands. Encouraging examples of how powerful the Savior is and how much He loves you. Practical ideas to help you give it all to Him and expect Him to provide.

Writing a Press Release and Bio Hands on help for writing your press release and biography with samples and examples galore. Make your description stand out and get noticed.

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.
   ---Edith Wharton

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