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The Black Bear Inn
The Black Bear from the Furman Family Motel near Yellowstone National Park in Dubois, Wyoming.
For reservations call Liz @ 303-842-2315.
theblackbearinn.com... find us on facebook
Christian Communicators Conference
Christian Communicators Conf., South Carolina 2011, Linda Parks, Liz & Marcia Gaddis
At the Black Bear...
the town of SUMMER RAINBOWS.
The Black Bear Inn... the office.
Just outside of Dubois, Wyoming...
one of the most beautiful places on the planet.
Just an hour away from the
South Gate of Yellowstone
the Black Bear is a terrific home base
for exploring Wyoming.
Back Row Liz, Jennifer (sister) Mom,
Jane (sister) & Paula (sister) 2011
Liz, Jennifer (talented baby sister),
Dad, Dorothy, Jane (author sister), & Paula
(of Mama Zooms fame oldest sister)... May 2011
Mom's in Touch Prayer Partners!
As a friend recently said...
I need these ladies prayer support like my
body needs oxygen. :0)
Same with the Bible Study Buddies
and Prayer Warrior Group for this ministry.
The Bible Study Buddies!
Dana Oswalt, Liz, Janice York,
Peggy Barkelew, & Jan Sperry... 2010
Dinner at the Olive Garden 2011
L to R Sister Jennifer, Mom, Jennifer's Emily,
Jennifer's Jake, Kieth & Harlow & Jennifer's Olivia,
Jennifer's Brittney, Paula's Brice, Liz's Martin,
Jennifer's Hubby Jeff, Sister Jane, Liz,
Paulas Hubby John, Sister Paula, Jane's Jo.
The Furman's Horseback Riding!
Liz, Matthew, Micah, Martin & Dave
The Furman Family 2008
Back Row Martin
& Meyer the Bird, Micah & Mocha the cat.
Middle Row Matthew & Cinnamon the pup, Muff
(mother in love) and Annie the pup, Liz
Front Dave & Ginger Dog.
Matthew's Graduation from
Conifer High School 2011
L to R Micah, 15, Martin, 19,
Dave, Matthew 18, & Liz
Dave making his famous mashed potatoes!
Thanksgiving 2011
Happy Thanksgiving 2011
I'm thankful for my hubby!

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